Prescott Preschool

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Early Learning at its BEST!

Our preschool is staffed by Ada Gonzalez, a Certified teacher, and several para-educators.

We utilize ECEAP format and funding as our standard, and ECEAP provides training and support, allowing us to serve both ECEAP students (who qualify based on income) and community students.

This hybrid model gives more of our students and families access to a high-quality early learning program and high-quality staff. In our experience, strong preschools help create strong K-12 students.

What is EACAP?

ECEAP is the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program funded by Washington State for children 3 and 4. It is a comprehensive preschool program that provides free services and support to eligible children and their families.

All of our preschool students learn to manage their feelings, get along with others and follow classroom procedures. They build the beginning skills for reading, math and science. The programs work closely with parents to support their children’s health and education and to meet family goals. They help families access medical and dental care and social services.

The ECEAP program includes:

  • Free early learning child care or preschool to support child's development and learning.

  • Family support and parent involvement.

  • Child health coordination and nutrition.

  • Services are responsive and appropriate to each child's and family's heritage and experience.

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If you have questions about Preschool or the enrollment package, call our school at 509-849-2217. We are happy to answer questions for you!