In The Tiger Spotlight

Prescott Students make the world a better place! Our students are special and In The Tiger Spotlight gives a glimpse of exactly how amazing they are! Scroll down to read those special stories.

community service

Prescott Freshman lend a hand at 2nd Harvest Foodbank!

Prescott's Freshman Class gave their time on a community service project. They packed 2,640 pounds of pinto beans at 2nd Harvest in Pasco! This will provide 2,200 meals for needy families in Southeast Washington. 1 in 6 children and 1 in 9 people in Walla Walla County are food insecure.


River Ecology Class heads to the River

Prescott Juniors and Seniors headed outdoors with the River Ecology Class to Blue Lake in Columbia County near the Tucannon River!

The students went to see the life cycle of bugs that affect the aquatic ecosystems. Students also had a chance to determine the effectiveness of the fly fishing ties they made.

Only a few fish were biting. But all students had a great experience!