More Photos of Buddy Reading for Read Across America Day
4 months ago, Jeff Foertsch
Read Across America
Read Across America
Read Across America
Read Across America
Hello families of freshly minted 8th graders! This is your reminder that summer career exploration camp starts this Thursday! Vista students please be at the old library at 10am. Town students please be at the flagpole at 9:15am to be transported to Vista. (If you have not turned in your permission slip yet, be sure to make sure it’s signed and bring it with you.) If you have any last minute questions, email Ms. Ty and she’ll answer quickly!
1 day ago, Justin Bradford
5th grader Kenya, and 6th grader Kaden holding onto the push up records for the end of the school year. Congratulations you two!
3 days ago, Tiffany Hedman
Kenia Quiroz
Kaden Tiedemann
Field Day!!
3 days ago, Tiffany Hedman
Dario on the slip and slide.
Hooray the sun is out!
First graders taking a drink break at the slip and slide.
Jackson running back for more action.
Congratulations to all these 4th, 5th, and 6th graders who mastered the curl-up Fitness Test, completing 80 curl-ups!! Why to go!!!
16 days ago, Tiffany Hedman
4th graders-Sirah, Emmanuel, and Alondra.
5th graders- Miranda, Bryden, Leif, Steven, Yuliana, Juana, Andrea, Martin, Kenia, and Erick.
6th graders- Tony, Maddie, Valeria, Steven, Fernanda, and Kaden.
Flex everyone!!
Field Day is this Thursday!! Grades K-4th! Don't forget to send dry clothes for kids to change into.
16 days ago, Tiffany Hedman
Good afternoon, Tigers! Welcome to the last week of the 2020-2021 school year! It has been a busy and challenging year and we are thankful for all the support you have provided for your students during these difficult times. This Friday, 6/11, is the last day students need to be on campus, unless they don't get all their materials turned in. Students need to bring in their Chromebooks, chargers, textbooks, library books and any other school property. If they miss the Friday deadline they can bring materials in on Monday, 6/14, from 9 AM to 3 PM. We will have bus service to and from Vista Hermosa every hour from 9 AM to 2 PM for those that need it. Please contact the school office at 509.849.2217 or Mr. Bradford at or at 509.280.7663 if you have any questions!
17 days ago, Justin Bradford
Don't forget to pack your swimsuit and a towel 5th and 6th graders. Tomorrow is Pool Day!!
18 days ago, Tiffany Hedman
Roar :) Tiger Ticket Winner for the week is Destinee Erickson. Way to go Destinee!
20 days ago, Jeff Foertsch
Tiger Ticket Winner, Destinee Erickson
Roar :) Tiger Ticket Winner for the week is Noe Armas. Way to go Noe!
20 days ago, Jeff Foertsch
Tiger Ticket Winner, Noe Armas
Congratulations to Steven Rodriguez and Darina Becerra for their performance in PE today! They are the top scores for the PACER, a running Fitness Test. Steven ran 91 laps and Darina ran 82 laps.
21 days ago, Tiffany Hedman
Steven Rodriguez -91 laps
Darina Becerra-82 laps
Pool Party for 5th and 6th grade students! Make sure you complete and return both permission slips by Friday.
22 days ago, Tiffany Hedman
Calling all 4th and 5th grade Basketball Players! Coach Hedman and Coach Griffin are holding a 2 day camp next week. June 8th and June 10th from 3:00-4:30! Get your permission slips in!!
23 days ago, Tiffany Hedman
Hey Tigers! Just a reminder to all of you "rye-pullers"! Remember to meet at Vista at 7:00 or in Prescott at 7:30 tomorrow morning. Get ready to invest in your senior trip! Come in your work clothes, with gloves on, and water bottle in hand! Ready to work! Go Tigers!
25 days ago, Bob Young
Pull that rye!
Roar :) Tiger Ticket Winner for the Month: Kim Martinez. Way to go Kim!
27 days ago, Jeff Foertsch
Tiger Ticket Winner:  Kim Martinez
Roar :) Tiger Ticket Winner for the Month: Darina Becerra. Way to go Darina!
27 days ago, Jeff Foertsch
Tiger Ticket Winner:  Darina Becerra
Roar :) Tiger Ticket Winner: Brandon Elias. Way to go Brandon!
27 days ago, Jeff Foertsch
Tiger Ticket Winner:  Brandon Elias
Roar :) Tiger Ticket Winner: Reid Chapman. Way to go Reid!
27 days ago, Jeff Foertsch
Tiger Ticket Winner: Reid Chapman
3 Sport Athletes: Congratulations to Antonio Hernandez and Jena Rowlette on their last day of class for being 3 sport senior Athletes! Thank you for your hard work and Leadership this year!
27 days ago, Jeff Foertsch
3 sport athlete emblem
Jena Rowlette and Antonio Hernandez show their 3 sport athlete Hoodies!
Greetings, Tigers! Just one more reminder about our picnic and concert tonight. The picnic starts at 5 PM (hot dogs, chips, cookies) and the concert starts at 6 PM. Everything will be out on the front lawn of the school. We will provide the meal and ice water, but please fee free to bring your own treats and refreshments ! We will see you tonight!!!
29 days ago, Justin Bradford